Greety - Create a video Christmas card — for free | Product Hunt

Create and send a personal
video christmas card

Simply fill out a form, attach ​a ​youtube ​video ​and surprise ​friends ​and ​family ​with ​a ​unique ​digital ​greeting ​card.

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It's free

Use Greety for free, no hooks attached. If you want to support it, share it around or make a donation.

It's easy to use

Simply upload a video to Youtube, fill out a form and your Christmas card is ready to go.

It's unique

Connecting people can be difficult in these times. With Greety you can create a personlised and unique experience.

It's private

Greety is built without a database, so nothing is stored on a server. Not your video and not even the link. Great right?

Want more?

I'm considering to add more templates (e.g birthday cards) in the future. If you want to get updates on this project, click the big button below.